Feeling tired but I see how I’m making progress. And seeing that, I feel little content.

I need time to review my experiences. To understand them better and to come to terms with it. …

I dislike a lot of people.

It physically hurts to think about them and it is painful to remember their faces.

But somehow I must find a way to accept…

Couple days ago, I had a feeling that I was walking on a dangerous path. Yet I committed the sin of not addressing it and ignoring it. Today it blew up in my face. In trying to say that it’s okay to get a job, I made this harder for…

Received the most sincere feedback today from Jonathan.

He’s right.

I need to grow into a mindset of contributing and no longer interning.


I spoke the words of saying I want to change, and that is good and telling.

He gave me the insight what I do at work…

It feels good to strive in growing pain. Somehow it hurts not as much as one would imagine it to be.

Finishing two days of work feels like a big accomplishment, I’ve actually put in 5-Days of worth, but two is good enough. One day, I hope to get a job and there I need to continue to challenge myself and to grow and to improve on myself.

Doing video work with design work actually is fun, but I am no master at this. I can get by with people expecting less in humanitarian aid, but I need to keep myself sharp during all of this and beyond.

Finishing the day with a little side time for cooking. I’ve skimped on one or two meditation and Insanity workouts, but still balanceable and need to get back on track to being balanced.

Great job,

I was discouraged hearing I didn’t get the job in Paris. Initially, it wasn’t what I wanted, but I had worked up the motivation and the courage to actually want it.

To show your desire for something then get turned down is upsetting as it is disappointing. And that was…

I got up dazedly through my persistent alarm. It was 4:30AM when I was looking at my phone barely awake.

I went downstairs to meditate, after which I got up my nerves to go workout finishing my last day of the week. Getting myself to go out, to dress, to…

Last night, I had watched Study Smarter not Harder by Prof. Bodell. For the first time, it had me stop working and go to bed.

Perhaps it was that I got some sleep that I felt refreshed this morning. Or perhaps it was because he taught me that working unreasonable…


Just another day

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